World Dining Team

Our Team Members have contributed immensely to our Success

Jay Moulton

Founder and Managing Partner

Jay's a builder of the World Dining Product, keeping our team focused on the commitment to it's customers, partners and employees....His passion for leading was cultivated as a Captain in the Air Force. He continually ensures the team stays accountable to each other, builds the product, gathers the collective talents of the team and delivers it seamlessly.

He's never far from his background and love of finance and detail. That passion keeps our organization tight; committed to delivering an ultra cost efficient operation that builds successes on quality, relationships and commitment. It ensures our core business principles are always up front. Family is a key part of Jay's balance, involving himself equally in the lives of his 2 amazing kids and his wife Jen. He's our resident Warwickian as we like to tease him.

Holly Lippert

Managing Partner

Holly's straight up knowledge of the food service industry has carried us through a few of our growth spikes to say the least. Her capacity to nail down an issue and work though a solution quickly has formed the basis of our efficiencies and work flow processes.

Holly is the financial and administrative powerhouse of World Dining, ensuring that the business runs accountable to itself and the actions of all partners. She's a self professed tech geek, feeling as comfortable setting up a clients' direct order back end catering system as she is watching a great boxing match.

A perfect day? ...spending hours shopping with her daughter.....and her best vacation....somewhere where she's never been.

Anthony Williams

Managing Partner

Hails from Louisville Ky. But loves the east coast vibe! Right now outside of successfully running some of our largest operations, Anthony thrills at being able to step out of it all and coach his daughters youth soccer league, 4 years going strong! Reminds him of when he was on the bball coaching staff at Johnson and Wales, bringing them to the 2002 ECAC tournament.

A voracious reader who can quote you world history at a glance (and an incredible keeper of NBA stats), Anthony's time at Putnam Investments, where he analyzed off shore mutual funds gives him a unique and necessary operational approach to make it all work... and that he ensuring that our operations are meeting our own focused metrics.

Frank Campagna

Managing Partner

The love of travel and aircraft kept Frank in the airline industry for a number of years. Eventually developing strategies and responsible for onboard products, he's always been involved in the food service industry.

Frank is an east coast transplant and although currently calls Los Angeles his home, brings that blend of edgy creativeness to the table. He ensures that the team celebrates its successes and loves to introduce or perhaps stir it up a bit to keep it fresh. The end goal of frank's every effort is success and success is what drives him.

He builds the team and culture and helps them see the vision, gets involved in anything where he can help out and lend his talents, collaborating and delivering along the way. Balance is important to Frank, whether it be the music he plays or the time he spends in the water with his sons and wife Katie. He'll tell you it's the secret to his drive.