Corporate Cafe

Corporate Cafe

Gone are the days where the cafeteria was a good reason to go off site for lunch! We'll work with you to make your cafeteria a destination spot. A spot where your employees can continue their collaborative discussions and problem solving meetings.
Want to build in a coffee shop...not a problem
Incorporate a self service breakfast bar....easy

Our weekly menus take advantage of seasonal food trends and take advantage of local product sourcing. We're not tied to national purchase program built on rebates. We're tied to building our offerings around your needs.

And we do it in a socially responsible manner. Our water, waste and food conservation programs keep our operation running responsibly. Our intern programs guide new students in the art of customer service and food preparation, maintaining close ties to the surrounding communities.

Just take a look at our venues:

- an awakening experience

Sunrise Junction is our comprehensive breakfast program. Tailored on a site specific basis, the program allows for the most efficient and freshly prepared menu possible.

Our program is built on the following standards:

  • All grab and go options are hot and rotated to ensure freshness
  • Fresh coffee is brewed throughout the breakfast service and includes premium coffee selections as well
  • Breakfast sandwiches are made with natural shell eggs only
  • Daily specials deliver value by bundling food and drink at reasonable prices
  • Freshly sliced seasonal fruit is always available
  • Pastry options rotate daily and are served warm where appropriate

- building a better lunch

If ever a lunch time favorite was born, a "Stacked" sandwich it surely is.

Our deli concept, known as Stacked, is always one of our top performers. A true cornerstone of any cafe, our deli offers freshly sliced meats layered with crisp, ripe vegetables and premium cheeses on quality breads. We make every effort to offer a complete deli experience by using a full line of sliced breads, flavored wraps, and specialty artisan products.

The "Stacked" venue also offers daily combos to drive participation and value. Each cafe location is different, each family of employees is different, and as such each deli station we develop is customized to meet those needs. However, regardless of population, demographics, and geographical location you can rest assured that each of our "Stacked" concepts is sure to meet high quality standards.

- fresh food, fresh approach

Sure to be a favorite among any crowd, "Sizzle" is our answer to a dynamic grill experience. Sizzle was created as a direct result of each cafe's need for life and diversity. It is a fun and exciting station; a break from the day's work events, Sizzle offers exhibition style made to order lunch selections.

To address the pricing sensitivity we regularly work in daily specials that also drive up participation.

- a world of flavors under one roof

One of the key tenets of our business is to celebrate our differences. We designed Global Square to do just that. This venue takes a fresh look at ethnic specialties, offering seasonal items to enhance flavor and freshness, while also keeping costs down.

We're also keenly aware of local population demographics to offer appetizing selections that hone in on regional favorites. Daily values, combos and specials drive participation and interest.